The Jointak Group is committed to serving our customers wholeheartedly with credibility, pride and integrity. We value our existing premium partners and take pleasure in working together with energy and initiative to increase our common business opportunities. To foster and deliver a better service to our partners by offering custom solutions for all of their requirements.

“We Care...” is our internal and external slogan, referring to our commitment to international standards of social and environmental working practices.


The Jointak Group prides itself on its large global resources and knowledge base to enable it to take advantage of the opportunities of a large corporation whilst maintaining the personal and straightforward working practice of a small business. Our dedicated teams allow a personal and tailored service to our partners facilitating flexible procurement, development and production.


Our comprehensive global communication channels enable our teams to make prompt strategic decisions that enhance our efficiency and responsiveness in order to provide a one-stop service to our clients.

Our teams are based in many countries and staffed by many nationalities, giving us the ability to communicate in several languages. We have a respect and understanding of local practices that enables better communication.

We believe that a quick, clean and easy communication is a major requirement for a dynamic company.


We understand the needs of our customers, who count on us to ensure that we remain a cost effective producer delivering on time fit for purpose competitively priced product. We also understand the need to remain at the forefront of all levels of labelling technology from innovative products to production technology and market trends.


We strive for innovation. Since the early formation of Jointak, we have understood the necessity of maximizing our services and providing tangible solutions and outcomes for our customers. Over the years we have continuously updated our production plant and equipment striving for an optimised, modern and streamlined workflow. It is not only our intent to proactively challenge ourselves to deliver improvements on our corporate operations, but to employ both sophisticated manual skills and innovative technology in the production process.

Intellectual Property Respect

The emergence of fake and pirated products during the last decade has significantly impacted the apparel industry. We have a commitment to respect Brand IP and have developed procedures to ensure that we have the necessary permission from an IP owner before production can begin.

We, therefore, extended our expertise and invented CertiEye®; a state-of-the-art mobile based anti-counterfeit technology, which allows users to authenticate products within seconds. It is a perfect solution to help apparel companies to fight against counterfeiters